Who are we?

Flexible solutions any business need Bhuiyan International, is a consulting company owned 100% Bangladeshi, the European and Asian companies, whose management has many years of operating experience in China, India and Bangladesh, where he led the process of relocation of production of several brands, including KAPPA, SERGIO TACCIHINI, NOTINGHAM, NTG SPORTS, IN UP, UP2U, ROBE DI KAPPA, IRGE, FILA, GAUDI ‘, LAURA BIAGIOTTI, FRUIT, PLAYBOY, NYPD, LONSDALE, KISSES & HUGS, AUSTRALIAN, DISNEY, GURU, MASCALZONE LATINO, LOTO and others. We focused our activities on the worldwide sourcing on import export advice and management of production and /or purchase abroad, thanks to a network of Eurasian professionals located permanently in China, India and Bangladesh which coordinates a worldwide network of Manufacturers, business partners and consultants business The Bhuiyan International, offers effective services, flexible and personalized, customer-oriented and its needs, such as : service for import and export of all or part of the production relocation search of manufacturers and suppliers occurred site sampling monitoring and production control on site control quality of products on site verification monitoring compliance and control orders Bhuiyan International is aimed at SMEs, manufacturers, industrial distributors who wish to relocate production or management purchases in areas that allow them to maximize their profit margins without sacrificing quality, and/or intend to open new markets to increase their sales directly or in joint ventures with international partners.

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